Hội Ái-Hữu Kỹ-sư Công-Chánh khóa 7

Lisa năm 1973, bạn gái của Minh-Trường


Minh-Trường năm 2003

Tiểu-sử Minh-Trường trong bức thư gởi cô giáo - "The story of my life ".

Dear teacher,

This is the story of my life. My name is MinhTruong. Though I am from Vietnam I now live in Paris, France. I guess you would like to know how come, and what I am doing in France? Actually in 1968, the year of the monkey, when I was a twenty two-year-old high-school graduate in Saigon (HoChiMinh City now) I got a French scholarship. You couldn’t imagine the joy not only for me but also for all my family, as much as I was already on the way to join the army.

Then after several years of studies in France, I have got my ‘Docteur-Ingenieur’ diploma (a kind of PhD in engineering), I had decided to definitely settle here in France since the unfinished war at this moment in Vietnam prevented me from coming back to my country.

I married 30 years ago, and my wife has given us 2 sons who are now adults. We are very proud of them since they are hard workers, moreover they are nice and respectful.

Concerning my job, I have worked for the Ministry of Cooperation in the frame of help for Africa, and as part of this programme, I’ve been sent to Madagascar for 10 years and to Burundi for 6 years, especially in road construction operations.

In 1994, due to the civil war in Burundi, I was repatriated to France and I am now at the Ministry of Equipment where I think that I am going to work very likely until my retirement.

I do not know what will my future be, what I know is till now I have been doing lots of accomplishments and I do not regret anything.

We are now in 2004 which is also the year of the monkey, so it has been almost 3 cycles, in other word 36 years I have been away. How time flies!

Những hình-ảnh cuối cùng của Aí-hữu Ðặng-minh-Trường

Tại Thanh-Minh Thiền-Viện ngày 26/02/2008
Từ trái sang phải Châu Đình Thanh, Nguyễn Văn Trương, Hà Phước Trường, Trần Văn Tánh, Chị Tấn, cháu Xuân Tiên (con của Nguyễn Vĩnh Tấn), cháu Olivier và cháu Alban (con của Đặng Minh Trường).
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